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Dhokra is the lost wax metal casting technique of the Dhokra Damar tribes--the traditional metalsmiths of Central and Eastern India, though now found all over India. Dhokra (or Dokra) is non–ferrous metal casting used to produce artifacts using the hollow lost wax casting process, the more traditional method of metal casting, that uses a clay core.The themes for the Dhokra artifacts lie in the peripherry of tribal life and what lies at the core of their simple, rustic existence--while their proximity with nature manifests by way of bird and animal motifs, Dhokra human figurines, articles of daily use, and vignettes from their day to day life are enchanting reflections of their primitive simplicity. Like most other folk art, dhokra too has its representation of the gods and goddesses. 'Pyala' (measuring jar/cup) is a Dhokra artifact found in varied shapes, sizes and styles--used to measure grains an so on, they reflect their creators' way of life, in their own way.