About us

India, a land of immense diversity, weaves color into her vast tapestry, through her countless manifestations of art and craft and so on. These various art forms, born straight out of the artisans hearts, are truly a reflection of their lives--the culture and society they live in, as also of their habitat that prompts them to transform the trivia from their surroundings, into works of art, that essentially immortalize it all...These artifacts are windows that let in the connoisseurs on this world of magic.

Today, our worlds having shrunk, what with today's mobility and technology, we live in an era of constant cultural sharing, be it cuisine or art. And here lie endless opportunities for these artisans to reach out to the world...and vice versa.

We, at Artsya, serve to bridge the gap between these creators of art, and its connoisseurs. We bring into the lives of our customers, not just art in its numerous forms, but also a feeling of happiness...a sense of well being, that comes essentially, from a subtle wisdom, a deep seated appreciation for these works of immense creativity, that we bring to them, by way of premium quality handicrafts (straight from the hands of the artisans/craftsmen) and more.

Artsya is a team of individuals diverse in educational and cultural backgrounds, yet like-minded in our pursuit of appreciation of art. We find pleasure in educating ourselves in matters such as traditional crafts and interacting with the artisans. We therefore, personally hand-pick the handicrafts right from the craftsmen, ensuring authenticity.

The opportunities here, at Artsya, are endless for every one to create their own world of diversity, to weave their own tapestry with a choice of art that we help them bring into their homes, offices...their lives!

That, we share with our customers, intricacies such as stories behind the origin and creation of these products, gives us the edge.